Druid present in Co-production with Galway Arts Festival, Quinnipiac University Connecticut, NUI Galway and Lincolm Center Festival

Druid Murphy

Plays by Tom Murphy

Directed by Garry Hynes

DruidMurphy is the story of Irish emigration; a story both of those who went and those were left behind. Told through three of the greatest plays of Tom Murphy, DruidMurphy is a major celebration of one of Ireland's most respected living dramatists.

Crossing oceans and spanning decades, DruidMurphy covers the periods from The Great Hunger of the 19th century to the 'new' Ireland of the 70s, exploring what we mean when we call a place home.

Conversation on a Homecoming - Monday 23 July 2012

County Galway, West of Ireland, 1970s. Even the humblest of small-town pubs can be a magnet for dreamers. Michael, after a ten-year absence, suddenly returns from New York and has a reunion with old friends.

A Whistle in the Dark - Tuesday 24 July 2012

It's 1960 and Michael Carney is an Irish emigrant living in Coventry, England with his wife, Betty. He has given lodgings to his three brothers and the imminent arrival of his father and younger brother cause tensions to boil over.

Famine - Wednesday 25 July 2012

County Mayo, West of Ireland, 1846. In Glanconnor village in the west of Ireland, the second crop of potatoes fails. The community now faces the real prospect of starvation.

The DruidMurphy Experience - Thursday 26 & Saturday 28 July 2012

See each of the plays individually or experience all three plays together in a single day. The DruidMurphy cycle day runs from 1.30pm - 10pm and include as afternoon and an evening break.