Dr. Caitriona Clear in conversation with Gerry Godley

This talk was recorded and is available to watch below or on GIAF's Youtube Channel.

Watch: The Importance of Bread

The last time we had compulsory tillage in Ireland was during World War 2. Now we may have it again, due to grain shortage caused by the war in Ukraine.

Dr. Caitriona Clear, social historian at NUI Galway, will tell us what the bread was like in the 1940s, and how cookery writers like Maura Laverty tried to circumvent the problems posed by poor grain. She will be in discussion with Gerry Godley, former Director of the Leeds Conservatoire, currently training as a master baker, and a mine of information on the long history of bread.

Catriona Crowe, Curator of First Thought Talks, will moderate.

There was bread for the audience!

  • Partially accessible - contact venue for details