Galway International Arts Festival presents


Kitchen | A Girl's Bedroom | Room 303
Written and directed by Enda Walsh

Galway International Arts Festival Production
Presented by Irish Arts Center

Written and directed by Enda Walsh

Tony Award-winning playwright Enda Walsh's hit installation 'Rooms' offers a powerful sensory experience.

'Rooms' is a series of three installations which tell the story of three people - a young girl, an old man and a woman-  creating an intimate, moving and extraordinary experience for the audience. 

The 'Rooms' installation, a series of three short works - Room 303, A Girl’s Bedroom and Kitchen - premiered at Galway International Arts Festival between 2014 and 2016 and were presented together under the collective title of ‘Rooms’ at the Festival in July 2016. Festival audiences were blown away, calling it “intimate”, “very effective”, and a “really interesting sensory experience”. ‘A Girl’s Bedroom’ also toured to the Kennedy Center, Washington DC in 2016.

Each individual room is contained within a 5M x 5M white cube. An audience of five people is invited to step inside to explore these spaces for two minutes before the recorded audio begins and each story is told. Each lasts 15 minutes and are presented as installations in a site-specific gallery setting. They feature the voices of three of Ireland’s leading actors - Niall Buggy, Charlie Murphy and Eileen Walsh.

Room 303 is set within the musty bedroom of an old seaside boarding house; A Girl’s Bedroom is set in the pink haze of a young girl’s room untouched for some time; while Kitchen is set within a long and narrow galley kitchenette.

Room 303 features the voice of Niall Buggy

‘Memories disappearing as a larger breath takes them. I look down from this bed into the big space beneath me.’ An old man lies alone, waiting, as his time nears an end. That truth now forgotten. Gone. Completely.

A Girl’s Bedroom features the voice of Charlie Murphy

‘My walking turns in on itself – it scratches the edges and has me turning back and longing for that room.’ At the age of 6, a girl leaves her bedroom and family home and walks. She never stops. Until now.  

Kitchen featuring the voice of Eileen Walsh

‘When I was a little girl I dreamt of falling in love with someone good and living in a comfortable house with a bright kitchen.’  In a small kitchen, standing by her sink - a wife wills her implosion.

‘Rooms’ are designed by the Festival’s Artistic Director Paul Fahy, who has collaborated with Walsh on these works over the past three years. 

Enda Walsh is a multi-award-winning Irish playwright and one of the foremost writers of his generation. 

‘Rooms’ will be installed at Cybert Tire, the future home of the Irish Arts Center on the corner of W51 St and 11th Avenue, Manhattan, New York from 3-28 May 2017.

‘One of the most dazzling wordsmiths of contemporary theatre’