Galway International Arts Festival presents

A Girl’s Bedroom

Written and directed by Enda Walsh
Featuring the voice of Charlie Murphy

'My walking turns in on itself - it scratches the edges inside and has me turning back and longing for that room.'

At the age of 6, a girl leaves her bedroom and family home and walks. She never stops. Until now.

'A Girl's Bedroom' is the second in a series of theatrical installations created by Tony-award winning playwright and director Enda Walsh in collaboration with Galway International Arts Festival. The first of these installations, 'Room 303', premiered in 2014.

'A Girl’s Bedroom' is presented in an immersive theatrical installation, featuring the voice of award-winning actor Charlie Murphy. Walking into a pink room full of toys and posters, 'A Girl’s Bedroom' immerses the audience in someone else’s headspace. The audio of a 24-year-old woman starts up, telling the story of how she started walking when she was six years old, and never stopped.

It premiered at Galway International Arts Festival 2015 at the Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway. Audiences connected with the play on a very personal level, calling it “strange and beautiful”, “very poignant”, “like being in my own bedroom.”

In May 2016, 'A Girl’s Bedroom' was presented at the Kennedy Arts Centre in Washington as part of Ireland 100: Celebrating A Century of Irish Arts and Culture, a major festival highlighting Irish culture and its relationship to America.