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Discover the powerful benefits of being a sponsor of Galway International Arts Festival.

Galway International Arts Festival has a long history of working with corporate partners who recognise the extraordinary opportunity of partnering with this innovative cultural organisation.

No longer just a two-week summer festival, Galway International Arts Festival now also represents a year-round opportunity for partners through its producing and touring work, education initiatives, First Thought Talks discussion series and online publishing.

With activity now spread across the year and with the Festival increasingly winning rave reviews for its work on national and international stages, Galway International Arts Festival’s partners are leveraging their association with the organisation to grow their brand in both domestic and international markets.

Partnering with Galway International Arts Festival is a powerful way to increase awareness of your brand, improve customer loyalty and change or reinforce your brand image.

Sponsoring Galway International Arts Festival is also a powerful business opportunity, with independent research showing that Festival attendees (300,000 in 2022) are more likely to do business with a company that sponsors Galway International Arts Festival and are more likely to recommend a Festival sponsor to a friend or family member.

GIAF provides prospective partners with specific market insights, with information on how your customers and the Festival intersect, what prospects your business has among Festival attendees and how sponsoring the Festival can connect you with other markets.

And that’s not to mention GIAF’s marketing, media and digital opportunities (16.3 million PR reach and 84.4 million overall digital reach with a substantial ad campaign in 2019), Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate hospitality opportunities, tickets and exclusive invitations that a partnership offers.

To explore further what partnering with Galway International Arts Festival can do for your organisation, contact:

Hilary Martyn
Communications and Development Manager

T: 00-353-91-509700