A July Message from the Festival

13 July 2020

Right about now, we’d ordinarily see our July Festival kicking into high gear.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the July 2020 Festival could not go ahead as planned but a special programme of events will take place this autumn (details coming soon).

If it was a 'normal' July, our bright blue tent, the Heineken Big Top, would be pitched up in Fisheries Field.

Artists from Ireland and around the world would descend on Galway.

Audiences would be flocking from near and far.

The streets would be buzzing, the welcomes would be warm.

Our production teams would be running between venues.

The queue for our box office would be out the door.

Volunteers would be donning their yellow t-shirts.

Funders, sponsors and friends would be planning their events.

Every year so many people make the festival happen - including you!

This year, it's a different kind of July. But the good news is that in a few short weeks we'll be announcing full details of an autumn programme of events.

So stay tuned!
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We know there are challenges ahead. We know we will have to rethink how we do things. One thing's for sure, we look forward to safely gathering again to celebrate great art with you all.