Lorraine Tuck

Unusual Gestures

Unusual Gestures is an intensely moving and emotionally powerful photographic exhibition. Lorraine Tuck has turned the lens to her own experiences to tell the story of a family living with autism spectrum disorder [ASD], and intellectual disability.

Tuck is the mother of four children, two boys and two girls. The boys have autism spectrum disorder, which in the case of the youngest, is coupled with severe intellectual disability. Unusual Gestures provides insights into the far-reaching implications that neurodiversity and disability present for families.

A further series of works in the exhibition focuses on the artist’s uncle Owen who has Down’s Syndrome and is gender fluid. At times, Owen chooses to live as a woman called ‘Pink’. Owen/ Pink has collaborated with Tuck to produce a series of portraits exploring their fluid gender identity with joyful and refreshing honesty.

At its heart, this exhibition is about love more than autism or disability. Transcending a documentary or issuebased record, Tuck’s work is a beautiful and clear-eyed call for acceptance and inclusion.

Curated by Photo Museum Ireland.

In Conversation

Photographer Lorraine Tuck will be joined in conversation with Tanya Kiang, Curator and Director of Photo Museum Ireland to discuss her work 'Unusual Gestures.'

The talk is free and open to the public.

  • Wheelchair accessible