Changing Room: A Conversation with Enda Walsh and Paul Fahy

Rooms, written and directed by Enda Walsh, is an ongoing series of immersive theatre installations, which Walsh has created with Galway International Arts Festival’s Artistic Director Paul Fahy.

Watch Interview with Enda Walsh and Paul Fahy

Changing Room is the latest in the series and follows on from Room 303, A Girl’s Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office 33A and Waiting Room, collectively known as Rooms.

In this interview, recorded during Galway International Arts Festival's Autumn Edition in September 2020, Enda Walsh and Paul Fahy discuss their ongoing collaboration.

About Rooms

Each individual Room is contained within a 5M x 5M white cube. As the audience journey through a space meticulously recreated, we hear intimate details from the lives of individuals who once inhabited these rooms, wrought by Enda’s poetic writing and beautifully realised by some of Ireland’s finest actors.

Rooms has toured to Washington and New York, and most recently the entire series was presented at the Barbican, London in 2019.

Changing Room runs from 9-20 September at the Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway.

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