Presented by Galway International Arts Festival

Room 303

Written and Directed by Enda Walsh
Featuring the voice of Niall Buggy

‘I look down from this bed into the big space beneath me...’

A man has stopped travelling from town to town and from room to room – sharing the good word with people who give him tea and biscuits. All that’s left is this hotel room, his ageing body and a fat fly.

‘Room 303’ was the first in a series of theatrical installations created by Tony-award winning playwright and director Enda Walsh in collaboration with Galway International Arts Festival.

It premiered at Galway International Arts Festival 2014 at theFestival Gallery, in an immersive gallery setting, featuring the voice of award-winning actor Niall Buggy. The text was a new departure for Walsh. An audience of three people at a time sit in a reconstructed hotel room and listen to the ghostly audio monologue of its sole inhabitant - a travelling religious salesman confronted by the futility of his existence.

It was followed by ‘A Girl’s Bedroom’ (2015). in 2016, Walsh presented ‘Rooms’, which featured ;Room 303', 'A Girl’s Bedroom' and a next text, ‘Kitchen.’ All three were presented in a gallery setting at The Shed.