Caroline Williams and Reem Karssli

Now is the Time to Say Nothing

‘If you are thinking about someone and they don’t know it, do you think it still matters?’

Ages 12+ [depictions of war]

Now is the Time to Say Nothing is an interactive immersive video installation exploring the role of screens in observing global conflict. Using video and immersive sound, it follows the real story of Syrian artist Reem Karssli as she captures her daily experience of the Syrian conflict on camera. We see what emerges when she is contacted by a group of teenagers from the UK who want to see beyond the footage they’ve watched on their TVs.

Together they co–author an experience which attempts to connect audiences to the human story behind the news. Created over four years, following Reem into an exile which forces her to leave her camera behind, Now is the Time to Say Nothing is an intimate exploration of what it means to stay connected to each other and of what happens when war and the need for survival get in the way.

Hear more from Reem Karssli and Caroline Williams at their First Thought Talk, Inside the Syrian Conflict, Sunday 28 July at 11.30am.

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • This production contains material which may be unsuitable for young children.