Galway City Museum

Children of Carrowbrowne

Tamara Eckhardt

The Children of Carrowbrowne is a set of portraits by award–winning documentary photographer Tamara Eckhardt.

As Ireland’s largest minority group Travellers are often faced with discrimination, pushed to the periphery of urban spaces. On the outskirts of Galway, situated next to the city dump is the Carrowbrowne Halting Site. This is home to eight Traveller families. The Children of Carrowbrowne offers a glimpse into the Traveller children‘s daily lives in their home environment.

Tamara Eckhardt, born in 1995, based in Berlin, works as a portrait and documentary photographer throughout Europe. Her work is primarily concerned with marginalised social groups and minorities – with a particular focus on documenting adolescence. Presented in partnership with Galway City Museum.

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  • Suitable for all ages