Not I, Footfalls and Rockaby

by Samuel Beckett
Directed by Walter Asmus, Starring Lisa Dwan

A Royal Court Theatre and Lisa Dwan production in association with Cusack Projects Ltd.

Irish Premiere

Directed by Samuel Beckett’s long-time friend and collaborator Walter Asmus, this Beckett Trilogy is performed by Irish actor Lisa Dwan following a critically acclaimed run at both the Royal Court Theatre and the Duchess Theatre in London’s West End.

Not I is an intense monologue, set in a pitch-black space lit by a single beam of light. A disembodied female mouth floats eight feet above the stage and delivers a stream of consciousness, spoken, as Beckett directed, at the speed of thought.

Footfalls is the moving story of May, a ghostly figure who paces back and forth like a metronome on a strip bare landing outside her dying mother’s room.

Completing the trilogy is Rockaby. Probably the most famous of Beckett’s last works, Rockaby explores loneliness and loss as a woman sits on her rocking chair – that appears to rock of its own accord - recounting moments from her past.

Produced in association with Cusack Projects Ltd.

Backstage at the Festival 23 July
Post-show talk with Lisa Dwan.