Galway International Arts Festival

Waiting Room

written and directed by Enda Walsh
featuring the voice of Aoife Duffin

'I wonder whether I can ever say his name again, and how many others have his name, and how in hearing it being said — his name will close in around me until there is no breath or bones or me. I tease myself with the idea of speaking his name out loud. But I can’t.'

In the quietest part of the early morning, in a nondescript waiting room, a young mother navigates the aftermath of a life ended.

Waiting Room is the sixth in a series of theatre installations by Enda Walsh collectively known as Rooms, which he has made with Paul Fahy, which toured to New York in 2017 and London in 2019.

This immersive experience is shared with a small group of 6 people at a time.


Aoife Duffin


Writer and Director | Enda Walsh
Designer | Paul Fahy