Galway International Arts Festival | First Thought Talks Winter Programme

First Thought Talk with Ben Rawlence

Watch the full-livestream of artist Sarah Hickson's conversation with author and human rights activist Ben Rawlence.

Find out more about the stories and individuals behind Ben Rawlence's remarkable book, City of Thorns: Nine Lives in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp. In this full-length recording of his First Thought Talk, Rawlence discusses the four years he spent living and working in Dadaab, a refugee camp situated on Kenya's border with Somalia. Home to about 500,000 people, Dadaab was established in 1992 to house 90,000 refugees from the Somali civil war.

Rawlence's conversation with Sarah Hickson explores the lives of those he befriended and those who feel forgotten, as he takes us beyond the headlines to explore the morally urgent issue of refugees and displacement. Hickson's exhibition Sounds Unseen: A Photographic Memoir of the Calais Sessions was presented at Galway International Arts Festival in July 2018.