Galway International Arts Festival | First Thought Talks Winter Programme

First Thought Talk with Alice Leahy and Donna O’Neill

Watch activist Alice Leahy and Donna O'Neill of COPE Galway discuss Ireland's homeless crisis.

Alice Leahy, founder of Trust (now the Alice Leahy Trust) in 1975, is one of Ireland’s most experienced, eloquent and non-judgmental advocates for, and a long-term provider of services to, homeless people. In this video, she discusses her experiences over more than 40 years, and tell us what she thinks about the current homeless crisis.

Alice is joined by Donna O'Neill, a Services Manager with COPE Galway, which provides services to homeless people and others in Galway City. O'Neill has been working in the area of homelessness for over 25 years and has managed the COPE Galway Fairgreen Hostel for men for the last 15 years.

Professor Dan Carey, Director of the Moore Institute at NUI Galway, moderates the session. Proceeds from this event were donated to COPE.