This Weekend at GIAF - The People Build, First Thought Talks and Outdoor Events

20 July 2018

Outdoor events and spectacle day and night


If you've passed by Eyre Square or Waterside today, you may have seen what happens when art meets the elements. Overnight our two cardboard structures have responded to the weather so we’re keeping an eye on things and will update you on social media throughout the day. Please check our Facebook page and Twitter for updates.

Please note: For up to the minute updates, please stay tuned to social media.

At 1pm our crews will head out to the bridge to assess the situation. It is anticipated that the bridge will be moved shortly thereafter and that it will take approximately 1 hour for the bridge to reach dry land! We would expect that the demolition will take place at approximately 3pm as planned but please stay tuned for updates.

You are all welcome to join us at Waterside from 1pm to watch events unfold! Excitement guaranteed and a lovely setting.

EYRE SQUARE (Church steeple)
The official demolition is still planned for 6pm (but keep an eye on social media for any updates). However if you’re keen to see the structure, we recommend you head in early to check it out.

Please join us to celebrate this amazing feat today. You helped build it so come help us tear it down!


Indoors, outdoors, even on the water... this weekend at GIAF (Friday July 20 - Sunday July 22), there's something happening everywhere you look. Check out this handy guide to The People Build, free and outdoor events and our First Thought Talks. Click here for the full programme.

This weekend also marks the beginning of our First Thought Talks series. If you missed out on tickets, you can join us online. Full live-stream details including details of the live-stream with President Michael D. Higgins here.


Friday 20 July

Saturday 21 July

Sunday 22 July

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