GIAF Volunteers To Be Part of Volunteer Recruitment Fair

25 January 2019

Get information about volunteering with GIAF on Sunday 27 January

Are you ready to experience extraordinary from behind the scenes? The GIAF Volunteer Department will be recruiting new volunteers this Sunday 27 January at the 2019 Volunteer Recruitment Fair, hosted by Volunteer Galway and taking place from 2 to 5pm at the Galway Bay Hotel.

Volunteer Manager Carly Zimmerman will be available to answer queries about volunteering with GIAF and explain the application process, which will take effect this spring for GIAF 2019. This year's Festival will take place 15-28 July.

Last year, GIAF experienced a record number of volunteers with over 1000 participants from 46 countries. Volunteers were utilised in the Festival's visual art galleries, concert venues, theatres, comedy venues and on the beautiful streets of Galway City for spectacles such as the legendary The People Build, as well as in behind-the-scenes roles. GIAF has volunteer opportunities to fit almost any age, interest and level of ability.

Can't make the Recruitment Fair? Prospective, past and current volunteers are welcome to email with any queries throughout the year. More information is also available on the GIAF Volunteer page, and be sure to look up GIAF Volunteers on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the action!