The Waterboys: Five Interesting Facts

6 June 2014

Five interesting facts about the legendary band performing at the Galway International Arts Festival on 20 July.

The legendary Waterboys were much-loved residents of Spiddal, Co. Galway in the 1980’s and will return to the Festival stage for the first time in over a decade. In celebration, here are five interesting facts about The Waterboys, just for you.

  1. The Waterboys were formed in 1983 by Mike Scott. Playing from 1983–1993 and reforming in 2000, they played the prestigious SXSW in New York in March 2013. The Waterboys first appeared at Galway Arts Festival in 1989.

  2. There have been 74 past and present members of The Waterboys.

  3. Last November Mike Scott's exquisite song, How Long Will I Love You hit number 3 on the UK singles chart when it was covered by singer, Ellie Goulding as the 2013 UK Children In Need charity single. Watch her performance at BBC's Children In Need telethon below:

    Watch Mike Scott sing the song himself, accompanied by James Hallawell, while on The Waterboys tour. Film by Dave Furneaux.

  4. Mike Scott produced two solo albums; Bring 'em All In and Still Burning. He is a vocalist, guitarist and pianist, and has played a large range of other instruments, including the bouzouki, drums, and Hammond organ on his albums. Not to be outdone, Steve Wickham has beeen described by Mike Scott as "the world's greatest rock fiddle player" and is also a famous artist.

  5. The Waterboys most successful single to date ‘Whole of the Moon’, was released in 1983 and their best known album is of course the majestic Fishersman's Blues: