Galway International Arts Festival is proud of the impact we make on people’s lives, but we also recognise that festival activities can have a significant impact on the environment.

Cognisant of the damage being done to the planet by human activity, GIAF aims to take responsibility for its contribution and reduce the associated impacts.

GIAF aims to make sustainability a major focal point of the organisation by:

  • Working collaboratively with partners in advancing a sustainability agenda and delivering sustainable festival solutions to current climate challenges.
  • Promoting sustainable transport solutions during the Festival period by promoting the use of public transport, the city bike and Brite bike schemes.
  • Prioritising reduction of single-use plastic.
  • Promoting equality and inclusivity in all our Festival practices.
  • Segregating and reducing Festival waste by applying best practices in partnership with our waste management partner, Walsh Waste.
  • Highlighting crucial sustainability issues in our Festival programme.

We encourage our staff, volunteers, interns, supporters and visitors to help in our sustainability efforts by considering the environmental impact of their activity at the Festival.

Help us to make GIAF a sustainable Festival whilst you are becoming a greener festival-goer.


  • Plan your Festival attendance with sustainability in mind. If you live in Ireland, can you take a bus or a train or share a ride to Galway? Can you walk, use a bicycle or use public transportation to Festival venues while you are here?
  • If you are an international attendee, make use of flights that emits a lower carbon footprint.
  • Bookmark your must-see Festival events using our website ‘Favourites’ feature.
  • View the events schedule from your mobile phone and waste less time and paper on printing.
  • Use the appropriate designated waste bins at all Festival locations for recyclables, food waste and general waste accordingly.
  • Show your support for programmes within the Festival which focus on sustainability, such as First Thought Talks.
  • Opt for e-ticketing.