How to watch a Live-streamed Performance at GIAF

How to watch Medicine by Enda Walsh online

Live-streamed performances of Medicine will take place at 8pm 15, 16, 17 & 18 September as part of Galway International Arts Festival 2021. The production will be available to watch on demand from 19-26 September. Buy tickets here.

Below are some of the most frequent queries we receive. For an extensive list of FAQs please visit the Customer Support page on Citizen Ticket’s website here. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please email Citizen Ticket Customer Support here.

FAQs: How to Watch Online

I haven’t been sent or can’t find my ticket

  • Search your email inbox for your Citizen Ticket Wallet and click the Watch Livestream button. Check your junk folder – occasionally emails can go there.
  • Please ensure you have given us the correct email address by visiting your user profile.
  • Lastly, visit the ticket wallet section. Here you can view your tickets, send them to your email, or print a copy.

What is the show running time?
1 hour 30 minutes with no interval

How do I access the live-stream?
There are three ways to watch the live-stream. The easiest way is through the Ticket Wallet you received by email from Citizen Ticket. For more details see here.

Please Note: It is not possible to pause, rewind or re-watch the live broadcast performance, just like at a physical theatre. Choose the on-demand ticket if you’d like this option.

How do I add the Medicine Post-Show Talk to my livestream or On Demand booking?
To join us online for the talk, please select the post-show add-on when booking your online ticket. Available to watch live on Thursday 16 or on demand until 26 Sept. Or book separately here

I’m running late. Can I still access the live broadcast?
You will be able to join the live performance once it has started. However, you may miss the beginning and will not be able to rewind or re-watch, just like at the theatre.

How do I watch the live broadcast?

To watch on your Computer or Laptop
  1. Open your ticket confirmation email, sent to you after purchase.
  2. Click “Watch Livestream”.
  3. Then click “Access Livestream” which will redirect you to the main live stream page.
  4. Our virtual foyer opens fifteen minutes before showtime.
To watch on your phone
  1. Download the Citizen Ticket app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Click the live stream event you wish to wish to watch.
  4. Click the “Watch livestream” button to access the broadcast.
To watch on your TV

You can stream the show to your TV via Chromecast or HDMI cable. For a step-by-step guide click here.

Questions About Your Ticket

I purchased the wrong ticket type?
If you purchased the live-broadcast ticket instead of the on-demand, this can be transferred prior to the start of the live-broadcast.

Can I share my ticket with other people?
No. When you buy a ticket you will get a link to watch the show which can be used on one device only (phone or computer). It is linked to your email address. There is an option to ‘Transfer’ your ticket to someone else if you go into ‘My Tickets’. Once the ticket is transferred, you will no longer be able to watch it.

Is the show really live?
Yes, Medicine will be performed live from the Black Box Theatre, Galway 2-18 September with live-streamed performances 15-18 September.

Is it available to watch worldwide?
The Medicine livestream is not currently available to viewers in the United States and Canada. We are hoping it will be available at a later date, and are actively working towards bringing that about. If you would like to be the first to hear when tickets for viewers in the US and Canada go on sale, please sign up here.

Will I be able to watch it again after the live stream ends?
No. To watch in your own time, please choose the on-demand option.

How does On-Demand work?
The on-demand ticket is a recording of the live performance. Ticket holders can watch at their leisure between 20-26 September. You can watch the performance multiple times and stop and start the recording.


Why is the live-stream not playing?`
This may be for a variety of reasons:

  • A poor internet connection. If you're having lagging or syncing issues you can also change the resolution of the stream on the lower right of the streaming window. This will take the pressure off your wifi connection
  • The web browser/device is not capable of multimedia hosting.
  • The web browser is out of date.

Trouble Shooting Technical Issues

  • If you see a black video or the video is not playing, please reload the page and then play the stream again.
  • Allowing the stream to play uninterrupted for 10-15 seconds can allow your browser to choose the best quality available for your internet connection.
  • If you are still experiencing frequent buffering, try pausing the stream for 10 seconds to allow the content to buffer before replaying.
  • Alternatively, try to view the live stream on a different device.

If you experience buffering issues, lower the stream quality to 1080 or 720 using the button on the bottom right of the video window. This will not affect your picture quality but may place less strain on your internet connection.

Please make sure these mentioned areas are checked and reviewed to stream the event to a high quality. We recommend using Google Chrome web browser to stream the event. For more see Citizen Ticket’s page here.

I still have some questions. Who do I contact?
For queries about your ticket or technical queries please email Citizen Ticket here.