Galway Arts Centre and Galway International Arts Festival

Whistling in the Dark

Ruby Wallis

Whistling in the Dark is a major new exhibition of photography, collage, film, print and sound work by artist Ruby Wallis.

Wallis is a visual artist who works primarily with lens-based media; she lectures at The Burren College of Art. Her practice is driven by a desire to transform the relationship we have to our own bodies, gender, safety and public space. For Wallis, walking at night with a camera is an active embodiment and mode of subversion: a play between the real-vs-imagined, and a relation to the non-human and botanical world.

Whistling in the Dark, shows a series of photographs, sound and video installations drawn from a collaborative project with writer Philina Sun, A Woman Walks Alone at Night, with a Camera, and new sound work creative in collaboration with musician and composer Mike Smalle. These works are shown alongside recent works from Swarming which draw on photography, its history and material forms. Using installation of collage, cyanotype and analogue prints, the artist responds to the aspects of the botanical world she finds within the walls of the Georgian architecture of Galway Arts Centre, the former residence of Lady Gregory.

Curated by Megs Morley.

  • Partially accessible - contact venue for details