The Gate Theatre and Theatre Lovett

The Tin Soldier

by Louis Lovett and Nico Brown
after Hans Christian Andersen
directed by Muireann Ahern
composer Conor Linehan

A visually stunning and dazzling delight, Louis Lovett excels in The Tin Soldier.

Imaginative and funny, this unforgettable show lifts Hans Christian Andersen’s personal story off the page into a dazzling theatrical experience like no other. Through a series of incredible visual pictures and technical triumphs Louis Lovett, as Anderson, takes us on a journey as the author looks back and reflects on his fascinating life and work in this remarkable new production.

With a captivating blend of song, dance and storytelling, this timely production sees Andersen navigate personal heartbreak as he struggles to make his way as an artist through war torn Europe. While this is a show for adults, it is also suitable for ages 12 and over.

One of Anderson most famous works The Steadfast Tin Soldier, the tale of the one-legged toy soldier pining for love, serves as a metaphor for his life. This production, beautifully directed by Muireann Ahern, uses the structure of this short tale to tell the story of Andersen’s own life, unrequited love and desire.

With original music by Conor Linehan drawing influence from both 1920’s European cabaret and classical music, and additional songs by Ukrainian singer Olesya Zdorovetska and Louis Lovett create a beautiful and memorable score.

‘Moody, broody and magical, steeped in visual gorgeousness.’ The Arts Review

Recommended for age 12+

The Tin Soldier Company

Written by: Louis Lovett and Nico Brown, after Hans Christian Andersen
Directed by: Muireann Ahern
Composer: Conor Linehan
Set Design: Jamie Vartan
Costume Design: Sinéad Lawlor
Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Sound Design: Carl Kennedy
Choreographer: Kévin Coquelard


Kévin Coquelard
Theo Cosgrove
Conor Linehan
Louis Lovett
Artur Peregrine
Olesya Zdorovetska

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‘Hugely impressive. A visual and musical delight.’ No More Workhorse
‘A visual and technical delight…stunning…’ THE IRISH TIMES
‘Pure theatrical magic.’ Irish Independent
‘Theatre Lovett, one of the most imaginative and indispensable companies at work today’ THE IRISH TIMES

First Thought Backstage

12 July
Post–show talk with the company

Moderator, Marianne Kennedy, NUI Galway

  • This production features English surtitles.
  • Recommended for age 12+