David Mach

The Oligarch’s Nightmare

Galway International Arts Festival has commissioned the Turner Prize-nominated artist, David Mach, to create a new site-specific installation The Oligarch’s Nightmare, a maquette of which is pictured here.

David Mach is one of the UK’s most successful, prolific and respected artists, best known for his dynamic and large- scale collage, and his imposing and provocative public art, sculpture and installations constructed from mass-produced materials including coat hangers, car tyres, newspapers and magazines.

Growing up in Fife, this miner’s son was immersed in the heavy construction that surrounded him from colliery shafts to oil rigs and steel works to dockyards, set against the beauty of the Scottish coastline and countryside. This has had a huge influence on his work.

Mach’s previous sensational GIAF exhibitions — 2012’s Precious Light which featured the enormous crucifixion sculpture Golgotha, made from steel and wire coat hangers, and 2018’s Rock ‘n’ Roll which saw Mach place a yacht, car and a caravan with multiple other objects and debris within a monumental quantity of painstakingly positioned newspapers — enjoyed record-breaking audiences.

A number of additional maquettes, sculptures and collages will also be exhibited.

In association with The Dean, Galway

  • Wheelchair accessible