Fishamble: The New Play Company & Galway Arts Festival present

The Great Goat Bubble

By Julian Gough

Directed by Mikel Murfi

with Wil Johnson and Tadhg

"Please, tell me the story, I like stories..."

Ballinalsoe train station, 1986. Jude waits for a train Dr.Ibrahim Bihi, having recently created the greatest financial bubble in history, searched for the next big thing. A sleepy Ireland dreams of a modern and exciting future. None will be disappointed.

Mikel Murfi directs this tight, smart comedy of whirlwind economic triumph and catastrophe. Any resemblance to recent events is entirely in your head.

"The market was soon flooded with goats, many of them sick or lame. However this did not matter, for the demand for goats had become infinite..."