Single Shot

Single Shot consists of specially commissioned filmed and video pieces by many well-known UK-based international artists including Ori Gersht, Julie Hill, George Barber, Matthew Grinter, Christian Krupa, Clio Barnard, Hyewon Kwon, Paul Rooney, Sean Dowerm Matthew Murdoch, Tula Parker and Anna Weatherston.

The distinguishing feature of the project is that all of the works being produced are shot in one single take. While the selected Single Shot pieces demonstrate a wide diversity of approaches, what they share is a desire to create a work of power and complexity from the most basic of cinematic elements - the single, unedited shot.

Whether humerous or poignant, seductive or disturbing - or indeed all of these things - what each work attempts is to catch the viewer's eye and hold it, unblinkingly, until the end.

Single Shot can be seen in various galleries and site throughout the city.