Druid Play Readings

Happy Birthday Jacob - Tuesday 23 July 2013

by Michael Marshall

Happy Birthday Jabcob sees 17 year old Jacob Dooley impersonate his parents for his 10-year-old brother, Lucas, after Mum leaves and Dad absents himself for months on end. And no one suspects, least of all the school authoirties. Only Jacob's girlfriend, Terry, is in on the act. They are doing just fine, until Mum returns. Jacob is suspicious, but then Mum gives him the birthday present he's alway wanted.

Micheal Marshall is from Ennis and is studying Performing Arts at the Instite of Technology, Sligo.

Be Infants in Evil - Friday 26 July 2012

By Brian Martin

Fr. Patrick is newly posted to a parish in Dublin and, this afternoon, finds himself in his new church hearing confessions he is no mind to hear and. in any case, distrusts for their insincerity. From elderly Noleen who for all her guilelessness, knows more than she lets on to know. From unmarried mother Jacinta, who is anything but repentant for misdemeanours in the eyes of the church. And from Henry, a 12-year-old boy who has somehow made it alone from the other side of the city to be with his old friend.

Brian Martin is a Dublin native now resident in London. He is a graduate from TCD where he studied playwriting with Marina Carr and has been a participant in the Royal Court's Young Writer's Programme where Be Infants in Evil was developed.