The TEAM - Theatre of the Emerging American Moment

Particularly in the Heartland

Irish Premiere

Visit a Kansas where parents vanish, aliens grow in cornfields, New Yorkers fall from the sky, and the resurrected ghost of Rober F. Kennedy stops by for Christmas Dinner!

Loaded with TEAM's signature style of aggressive athleticism and exuberant theatricality, Particularly in the Heartland is a new play telling the story of the three Springer children, suddenly orphaned on a farm in central Kansas, following a storm that could be a Wizard of Oz style tornado, or perhaps an alien invasion, or even The Rapture itself.

New York based The TEAM presents their collaboratively written play, Particularly in the Heartland a new play about losing sight of America and trying to fall back in love with it.

Winner of the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe First Award