Brú Theatre

Not a Word

directed by James Riordan
starring Raymond Keane
devised by the company

If you never return to where you’ve come from, is this place you are now home?

Not A Word invites you to sit with a silent man on another unexceptional evening. A day’s labouring done, he plays an old tune and remembers. Brú Theatre returns to the Festival with a new piece of physical theatre merging mask, music and movement in a celebration of those who took the boat — worked hard, faltered and slowly faded from memory.

Performed by Raymond Keane, with live electronic and traditional music from Ultan O’Brien, Not A Word offers a moving portrait of one emigrant that echoes many people’s stories today. This ode to a self-exiled labourer, making his way in this small space between places, is directed by James Riordan with mask design by Orla Clogher.

Not A Word Digital Programme