London Astrobeat Orchestra perform Talking Heads

Incredible live performance of songs from the iconic Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense movie. Performed expertly by a funky, rhythmic, hypnotic, anthemic, uplifting, groovy, percussive, smack on point, earth– shatteringly tight, live band. Featuring tracks from the cult classic albums Remain In The Light and Speaking in Tongues this is Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense delivered with a degree of raw, cosmic, human energy.

This collective of musicians, from West Africa, Europe and beyond offer this completely unique, razor sharp, liquid funk and jaw–droppingly tight take, on the finest of Mr David Byrne and Co’s timeless compositions.

Ages 18+

  • Recommended for age 18+
  • This event is standing room only. Please contact the Box Office to enquire about disability seating reservations.