Fineswine Productions and Galway Arts Festival

King Ubu

By Alfred Jarry

in a new version by Vincent Woods

World Premiere

Directed and Designed by Monica Frawley

Lighting by Tina MacHugh

Music by Denis Clohessy

Savage, Hilarious, Timeless, one of the great plays on political greed and folly. Ma and Pa Ubu kill the King and become rulers of their world.The chaos they unleash echoes many of the terrible wars of Europe. Jarry's infamous play of 1896 provoked horror and wonder, shifting the boundaries of what theatre could be and would become.

This new version by Vincent Woods captures all the zest and zany energy of the original, but gives an immediacy and modern flavour to the timeless story of the Ubus and their revolution. This is a rare chance to see one of the most remarkable plays of Europe - a savagely funny black comedy with an enduring revelance.

Moncia Frawley brings a mad universe to vivid life, creating a visual spectacle - total theatre, frantic and entertaining. Original songs, live music, a lot of laughs and a horrid, uncomfortable feeling that the Ubus are alive and well and forever in wait around the corner.