Engage Art Studio

Infinite Possibilities

Cecilia Bullo

Brigid Mulligan

Vicky Smith

Infinite Possibilities invites audiences to explore the boundless potential of creativity and imagination.

This exhibition is co-produced by Chat GPT, a language model trained by OpenAI, and curated by Simon Fennessy Corcoran.

Infinite Possibilities is an extraordinary collection of artworks by three artists that explore the connections between them, the differences and the ways in which the curator through new AI digital technology is binding their disparate practices together under their similarities and implicit likenesses initiated by a prompt from Chat GPT a groundbreaking language model trained by OpenAI. With its powerful algorithms, Chat GPT has crafted a thought-provoking concept that challenges artists to push the boundaries of their own creative expression and venture into uncharted territories of thought and imagination of "Infinite Possibilities" which invited artists to present works that explore the limitless potential of the human mind and spirit.

The exhibition features the works of three exceptional artists, Cecilia Bullo (IRL/ITA) presents a collection of captivating sculptures and installations inspired by healing mechanisms, cultural challenges faced by displaced women, and mythological narratives. Bullo's thought-provoking pieces invite viewers to resist the repressive frameworks of patriarchal culture. Brigid Mulligan presents an introspective exploration of loss through an installation of digital art, mirrored dimensions, and cast sculpture. Her use of mediums creates a unique sensory experience that evokes healing, connection, and reflection and the things we hold on to and let go of in the process. Vicky Smith presents a series of self-portrait paintings that examine the female figure's relationship with the landscape, domesticity and contemporary female struggles. Smith's self-portraits create large impactful statements with her grandfather's landscapes, inviting viewers into a world where hidden sentiments and domestic performances shape a woman's identity and social position.

Infinite Possibilities promises to be an extraordinary display of artistic expression, inviting visitors to engage with thought-provoking concepts and witness the boundless potential of human creativity.