In the Flesh | Sam Jinks

In The Flesh is an enthralling exhibition by one of Australia’s most exciting and important contemporary sculptors, Sam Jinks.

The exhibition, which includes new and existing work, explores the themes of intimacy, empathy, alienation, mortality and acceptance. The work of Sam Jinks draws on our shared fascination with the human figure, a fascination that has persisted through the history of Western sculpture. His hyper–realistic representations of the body, constructed from clay casts, poured silicone, fibreglass, resin and human hair, reflect the impermanence of life and the body’s fragility, while simultaneously capturing the intimacy, strength, empathy and vulnerability which defines us.

The viewer becomes suspended in an intense moment of intimacy with the work, a moment that cannot ordinarily be achieved amongst strangers. As we stare at the figures frozen in states of vulnerability, be it babyhood, old age or quiet contemplation, we glimpse our own vulnerabilities reflected back.

New Festival Gallery

GIAF has a long history of transforming spaces and this year has designed and built a temporary new gallery space in the heart of Galway city, on William Street. This exhibition by Sam Jinks is the centrepiece of the visual arts programme and will be housed in the new Festival Gallery. The Festival Gallery is located on William Street. The entrance is just behind the bronze sculptures of Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde and is between Premoli shoe shop and Matt O’Flaherty’s chemist.

Please note: The Festival Gallery is open late until 8pm on Friday and Saturday and 11am to 6pm on Sunday.


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • This production contains nudity.