Fabulous Beat Dance Theatre


The darkly comic Giselle has made an explosive impact on the international stage, astounding audiences and winning over critics with its orginality and ambition. Transporting the action to the fictitous town of Ballyfeeny, where life is tough and unforgiving, Giselle is an extraordinary and controversial interpretation of the classic romantic ballet.

The fustrasted inhabitants of Ballyfeeny are seduced by the promise of happiness when line-dancing Bratislavan, Albrecht comes to town, Most especially there is Giselle, who has the most to win - or lose. This savagely funny, crude and feisty performance is narrated bu Giselles's father who sits atop a telephone pole observing the town's goings on - incest, betrayel, lust. Giselle combines an arresting narrative with a boldly visual and highly entertaining production.

Brave and brilliant, Giselle is ultimately about redemption and the power of the human spirit.