Vox Motus


Based on the novel Hinterland by Caroline Brothers. Adapted by Oliver Emanuel.
Directed by Jamie Harrison and Candice Edmunds.

'Exquisite and intensely affecting.'

- The New York Times Critics' Pick

The runaway hit of the Edinburgh International Festival 2017, Flight recently took New York by storm.

A magical experience that combines unsettling themes with spellbinding images, Flight tells the story of two young orphaned brothers who embark on a desperate odyssey to find freedom and safety. With their small inheritance stitched into their clothes, they set off on an epic journey across Europe seeking a better life in London, in a heart–wrenching road story of terror, hope and survival.

Flight brings audiences into this intimate and heartbreaking story in a unique and deeply individual experience. Seated in individual booths, the audience of 25 people each watch the story unfold for them as a carousel of over 100 3D models slowly rotates, with dialogue and music experienced through separate headsets.

Flight draws you into its exquisite, fragile miniature world and allows you to contemplate its gripping story of two children lost in dangerous lands.

Age suitability: 14+