Third World Bunfight

Exhibit B

Created Brett Bailey

Irish Premiere

Described by legendary theatre director Peter Brook as "an extraordinary achievement", Exhibit B is a deeply moving work created by South African artist Brett Bailey that lies somewhere between performance and installation.

This haunting unforgettable work is a powerful critique of racism where 13 live installations examine the colonial policies and history of Europe in Africa. As spectators move through Exhibit B to the sound of lamentations sung live by a Namibian choir, the audience gaze is unexpectedly returned. Collectively the various scenes confront a variety of colonial atrocities that take the audience from the early days of colonialism right up to the plight of immigrants today building to deliver a very different impactful audience experience.

*Please be on time. No latecomers will be allowed into performance. Latecomers will be asked to join the next audience group, if space is available.