Ireland’s Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2021



Our lives are becoming increasingly entangled with data technologies.

The Irish Pavilion from the Venice Architecture Biennale brings the physicality of data infrastructure to the forefront with Entanglement, an exhibit addressing the environmental, cultural and human impact of data. The Pavilion aims to reframe the way we understand data production while exploring its impact on everyday life.

ANNEX is a collaboration of artists, architects, and urban researchers who came together to curate the Irish Pavilion in Venice in 2021. Members include Sven Anderson, Alan Butler, David Capener, Donal Lally, Clare Lyster and Fiona McDermott.

Superprojects + ANNEX Workshops

Superprojects is pleased to be invited by the arts and architecture collective Annex to create a series of workshops taking place as part of the exhibition of their audio-visual and sculptural installation ‘Entanglement’.

Responding to the themes in the artwork, Superprojects has created a programme of workshops for people aged 12 - 18 and their parents called ‘Stuff You can Kick’. Led by four artists and one arts collective – Paul O’Neill, Jessica Foley, Katie White and Lucida Collective, this series of four workshops will look at digital data as material, or ‘stuff’, and how it physically impacts ourselves and our environment.

Workshop 1:

Jessica Foley –‘Engineering Fictions’ Experimental Writing

Wednesday 13th July at 11am

Artist Jessica Foley will guide participants through a writing workshop to experiment with alternative and unconventional forms of writing.

The starting point will be an exploration of Annex’s work ‘Entanglement’, which looks at the physical embodiment of data and its environmental impact on our landscape. Jessica Foley will guide young people and their parents to create constraint-based writing outcomes, which will then be used in the zine publication at the end of the programme. Age group: 12 – 18 and parents.

Workshop 2:

Katie Whyte - Data Moshing/Glitch Art

Saturday 16th July at 3pm

Discover Data Moshing and Glitch Art with Artist Katie Whyte.

Katie Whyte is an artist who uses data insertion to create glitches in digital photography and video (Glitch Art or Data Moshing). Gathering the images and texts created in the previous two workshops, Katie will guide a group of participants through the process of how to glitch images and footage. Participants should bring their own laptops if possible. Age group: 12 – 18 and parents.

Workshop 3

Paul O'Neill - Tour of Internet data infrastructure in Galway

Wednesday 20th July at 2pm

Artist Paul O’Neill will take participants on an exploration of our data as it flows through different hidden infrastructures that surround us.

On this workshop/psycho-geographical tour, participants will explore Galway city, gathering a series of photographs on their smartphones, which will be used to contribute to later workshops and the final ‘zine project. Age group: 16 - 18 (under 16s with parental consent).

Workshop 4:

Lucida Collective - ‘zine making workshop

Thursday 21st July at 2pm

Join the Lucida Collective for a ‘zine making workshop about ‘Stuff You Can Tear’.

In this workshop, Lucida Collective will guide participants to materialise the digital ‘stuff’ created in the previous three workshops - images, text/writing in word documents and glitched images, through printing, drawing and handwriting. This will result in a home-made collaborative ‘zine publication documenting the whole process of the ‘Stuff you can Kick’ programme. Age group: 12 – 18 (can be participants of previous workshops and/or new participants).

For more info and to book your place email us at

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