featuring the Luminosa Orchestra; Dermot Dunne; Adrian Mantu
and the Resurgam Choir
conductor Orla Flanagan
choreography by Jérémie Cyr–Cooke
and visuals by Mihai Cucu

A wonderful fusion of sound, dance and image! Watch the livestream at 8pm Thursday 2 September, or watch back on YouTube or Facebook.

This livestream multimedia performance presents renowned choir Resurgam, Luminosa Orchestra, cellist Adrian Mantu, accordionist Dermot Dunne, pan–flutist Iulian Puşcă, organist Raymond O’Donnell, dancer & choreographer Jérémie Cyr–Cooke, and visual artist Mihai Cucu.

A wonderful fusion of sound, dance and image, e–Motions brings audiences on a memorable journey, facilitated by a variety of deep and powerful music which includes works by Irish composers Raymond Deane, Joan Trimble, Jane O’Leary and Ina Boyle as well as the thrilling Stabat Mater of Knut Nysted.

The concert features additional ravishing melodies from the Irish tradition, which include The Coolin and compositions by Turlough O’Carolan.

Supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.


John Taverner Svyati

Joan Trimble The Coolin

Ina Boyle Elegie

Jane O’Leary Distant Voices Cello octet

Ina Boyle Psalm

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