Druid Debuts 2018

Full details online from 19 June.

It’s not theatre until someone’s watching... Druid Debuts staged readings offer the chance to experience work fresh off the page and to share an open discussion with the writer, director and cast. It is a chance to see and shape new Irish work.

Many readings have gone on to full productions including Furniture by Sonya Kelly and Shelter by Cristín Kehoe, both at GIAF this year. You never know what you’ll see!

Druid Debut — You Belong To Me

Friday 20th July, 12pm
by Rory Nolan
Directed by Garry Hynes

After nearly forty years of marriage, Pato and Patty can't stand the sight of each other - but they can't afford to be apart. So they're stuck, looking at each other through an invisible wall that doesn't exist, but does exist, living separate lives, together. Judge says so.

A darkly funny play about the rules we make, the lives we break and the dancing in between.

Druid Debut — Babysitter

Friday 27th July, 12pm
by Christian O’Reilly
Directed by Marty Rea

Siobhán is about to go on her first date in years and is terrified she’ll screw it up. Her friend’s highly-recommended young babysitter, Darren, arrives and finds himself giving her support while they wait for her date to collect her. But as the evening draws on, it looks as though Siobhán has been stood-up and she is the one who needs minding.

Babysitter is a comedy about resentment, entitlement and middle class sexual politics.