Rock 'n' Roll

David Mach

Festival Commission

Galway International Arts Festival has commissioned the Turner Prize–nominated artist David Mach to create one of his gargantuan newspaper installations, just the second of its kind in 15 years.

Exploding through the gallery walls and floor like a wave of paper, engulfing numerous objects in its wake, this large–scale installation will create an organic volume of colour and texture, characteristic of the artist’s work.

Mach’s previous installations have featured objects such as cars, furniture and aeroplanes including Incoming, pictured here, which was exhibited at the Gri in Gallery, London last year.

Mach’s sensational 2012 GIAF exhibition Precious Light which featured the enormous crucifixion sculpture Golgotha, made from steel and wire coat hangers, enjoyed a record–breaking audience of over 30,000 visitors in 15 days.

A number of additional sculptures and collages will also be exhibited.

Read an interview with David Mach about working on his installation in the Festival Gallery.

Backstage at the Festival 18 July, 2pm

Gallery talk with the artist.