Iseult Golden and David Horan in association with the Abbey Theatre


Written and directed by Iseult Golden and David Horan

‘Terrific performances... exceptional writers... brilliant script’
The Arts Review

God I hate classrooms. Give me the heebie jeebies. Even still.

Brian and Donna’s son is nine years old, and he’s struggling. That’s what his teacher says. Says he should see a psychologist. But Brian and Donna — recently separated — never liked school, never liked teachers. So are they going to trust this one? And should they?

A parent–teacher meeting goes very, very wrong in Class — a new play about learning difficulties: in school, in life, wherever.

Following a sell–out run at Dublin Theatre Festival 2017 and at the Abbey Theatre earlier this year, Iseult Golden and David Horan explore the complications and comedy when three adults find themselves back in class.

Backstage at the Festival 26 July

Post-show talk with the company. Moderator, Miriam Haughton, NUI Galway.