Pan Pan


by Samuel Beckett
directed by Gavin Quinn
designed by Aedin Cosgrove
sound design and music by Jimmy Eadie
dramaturg Nicholas Johnson
featuring the voices of Andrew Bennett and Daniel Reardon

Then up on his feet
Slips out Woburn
Same old coat
Right the sea, left the hills
He has the choice...

Beckett’s short radio play Cascando, first broadcast in 1963, is experienced through headphones as the audience walk through the streets of Galway. We accompany the Opener and the other figures – Voice, Woburn and Music – on their voyage towards an uncertain future.

Internationally acclaimed and award–winning theatre company Pan Pan make their long–awaited GIAF debut with Cascando.

Cascando deals with the implausibility of making art. A man, Voice, is hopelessly trying to finish a story concerning an absent figure named Woburn. Woburn is in flight — running, falling in the mud, picking himself up, running again and finally sprawling in a boat and drifting off to sea.

As the audience are led through the city streets, wearing cloaks [optional], the unhurried pace of Andrew Bennett’s deep and riveting voice provide a rhythm for their steps, as they listen to Voice’s struggle to tell a story. Along this journey, the tremendous pulse of Jimmy Eadie’s music threatens to overwhelm, rising in a wave of crashing strings.

What are we to make of this beautiful and mysterious promenade? That’s the blessing of Beckett: like prayer, it’s what you believe that’s the thing.

Planning Your Visit & Your Safety

Galway International Arts Festival is committed to prioritising your health and safety. Please read our COVID-19 Safety Information, and our FAQs, to help you plan your visit.

Cascando safety information: All cloaks will be disinfected between shows. Alcohol wipes will be used for all headphones and iPods. Social distancing will be in effect in the Rowing Club meeting point.
Comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate attire are advised.