Gravity & Other Myths presents


Devised by Gravity & Other Myths

Directed by Darcy Grant

'Circus at its best. Extraordinary.'

- Sydney Morning Herald

Watch in awe as 10 skilled acrobats literally throw around the perception of what strength is, where it comes from and how it is measured.

With jaw-dropping virtuosity and extraordinarily disciplined teamwork and choreography, Backbone is utterly charming, contagiously joyful, and a thrilling high-octane exploration of human strength.

From the award-winning, critically-acclaimed Australian circus troupe Gravity & Other Myths, this frenetic celebration of human interconnectedness tests the limits of strength: physical, emotional, individual and collective.

Gravity & Other Myths’ work utilises an honest approach to performance, to create shows with a focus on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity, which continually push the boundaries of contemporary circus.

Their last Galway International Arts Festival show, 2016’s A Simple Space, wowed audiences during its festival run and achieved huge international success. It received multiple awards and was performed more than 500 times, at​ ​76​ ​festivals​, across 24 countries.

Backbone, their follow-up show created in 2017, has already been nominated for multiple awards, had stellar reviews, and toured to festivals internationally.

Haze​ ​effect​ ​and​ ​loud​ ​music​ ​used​ ​during​ ​performance

Suitable for all​ ages.

Backstage at the Festival 18 July

Post-show talk with the company. Moderator, Ian Walsh, NUI Galway.