Aideen Barry

Avalanche Opera
and Asphyxia

Avalanche Opera - A Performance film

High-pitch resonant sounds are said to cause uncanny reactions both effecting people and the landscape. Aideen Barry has created a site-specific performance piece on the frozen glacial Lake Louise in Banff, Canda - the site of extraordinary avalanches. The artist uses her high pitch soprano notes to try to affect a shift in the lanscape.


It is said that if we drownd our lives flash before us in a series of merging memories. Playing with this concept, the artists Aideen Barry has created, composed and choreographed together with Tanya McCrory and Cathal Murphy, a performance installation of dance, sound and animated visuals that will physically narrate a ghostly action of drowning. Inspired by stories from Edgar ALlan Poe and West Ireland myths of Selkies.