126 Artist-Run Gallery

A Remix of Change

Ben Geoghegan and Aisling Phelan

curated by Sona Smedkova

126 Artist-Run Gallery is delighted to present A Remix of Change, an exhibition of digital art that explores how the internet has affected the way we view and interact with the world.

By using data to create new environments, the artists collaborating in A Remix of Change are able to explore how our relationship to the digital has the potential to further our understanding of ourselves.

The exhibition showcases how artists are using new technologies to create art that reflects our fragmented, data–driven world. How do we preserve our legacy as our identity continues to be deconstructed into ever–smaller pieces? In a time when we are increasingly reliant on technology, this exhibition offers a glimpse into a future where we may all be immortalized as data points in a vast, impersonal landscape. But if A Remix of Change is any indication, we will still find ways to create meaning, beauty, and connection in these digital worlds.

  • Partially accessible - contact venue for details
  • Suitable for all ages