Caribou Festival Big Top Taster

Just a taster of what audiences can expect from indie music sensation Caribou's gig at the Festival Big Top as part of Galway International Arts Festival 2018.

Dan Snaith, better known in the music world as Caribou, has been garnering glowing reviews from sources such as The Guardian, Spin, Pitchfork and Mojo for his albums, often labelled contemporary electronica but which feature a vast palette of sonic choices that set him apart from others in the genre. Caribou has been Grammy-nominated (for the striking album Our Love) and has toured around the world, perhaps most notably with Radiohead.

Audiences can expect to hear such hits as the infectious Can't Do Without You and the impossible-not-to-dance-to Odessa, which Pitchfork called simply "awesomeness". The Guardian has emphasized the unique quality of his live show as "having hit upon the magic formula for music that is at once both intimate and communal" and marvels that it induces "a feeling of camaraderie that big-room dance music often promises, yet so rarely delivers." Whether you have been waiting on edge for the past decade or have been taken by Caribou in the years since, the Festival Big Top will be the place to be on 28 July.

Tickets are selling fast and can be purchased here or from the Róisín Dubh

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