One of the world’s top contemporary circus troupes bring Humans to GIAF18

Prepare to be wowed by one of the world’s top contemporary circus troupes. Circa is one of the most popular companies ever to perform at Galway International Arts Festival and they make their long–awaited return to Galway with their thrilling and heart-stopping acrobatics show, Humans.

They have wowed audiences young and old all around the world and Galway looks set to be no different. Created by Yaron Lifschitz, and the Circa Ensemble, Humans will see ten astonishing and highly–skilled acrobats explore the physical limits of their bodies as they are pushed to the extreme. This is high-octane physical theatre for children, families and adventurous spirits alike. With incredible strength and integrity they connect each moment seamlessly with the next to create a stirring journey of what it means to be human.

Described by The Times, in a 4 star review, as reconfirming ‘this Australian company’s status as one of the world’s top contemporary circus troupes’.  

Bailey Allen Hall at NUI Galway
24–29 July, 7pm
Tickets €20-€29
Book Tickets Here. 

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