“Arrestingly Beautiful” Cover My Tracks for GIAF
July 14 2017

“Arrestingly Beautiful” Cover My Tracks for GIAF

Cover My Tracks comes to GIAF following its much-lauded performances at the Old Vic Theatre in London.

The Stage described it as an “arrestingly beautiful”, “captivating”, and a “contemplative...piece about love, loss and living on the edge.” Described by the Evening Standard as a “beguiling hybrid” of theatre performance and gig, Former Noah and the Whale frontman Charlie Fink stars in this unique show, which tells the story of the the disappearance of a singer-songwriter.

Charlie Fink in Cover My Tracks for GIAF

A unique mix of gig and theatre, Cover My Tracks, offers the opportunity to see former Noah and the Whale frontman, Charlie Fink, perform songs from his new solo album.

Experience “a blissful hour of contemplative, gently poetic storytelling and wistful, folksy guitar music.” (The Stage)  with GIAF at Cover My Tracks, the show the Evening Standard dubbed as “Compelling blend of song and speech.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this captivating show at An Taibhdhearc, 25–30 July as part of GIAF17.

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