Outstanding Reviews for 5 Star Dublin By Lamplight
June 30 2017

Outstanding Reviews for 5 Star Dublin By Lamplight

Experience theatre at its best with this 5* show.

If you haven’t seen the “brilliant” and “moving” Dublin by Lamplight, now is your chance to experience theatre at its best at GIAF 2017.

Described by the Sunday Independent as a “delightful romp of revolutionary fantasy”, Dublin by Lamplight was a huge hit when it first premiered a decade ago. Newly revived by the Corn Exchange in association with the Abbey Theatre, Dublin By Lamplight has continually received rave reviews.

“The new production by Corn Exchange's Annie Ryan for the national theatre is as stonkingly irreverent as the original,” said The Sunday Independent. In The Irish Times, the show was described as “a marvellous, witty creation” that “brings the house down”. The Arts Review said Dublin by Lamplight was “about as brilliant, moving, and enjoyable a production as you’re ever likely to see.” “A generous, human tragi-comedy… a magical piece of theatre” was how The Irish Examiner described the much-loved show. “A genuine nugget of theatrical wit, with outstanding performances by the cast” was how the Irish Mail on Sunday described Dublin By Lamplight.

Book tickets now to see the oustanding performance of Dublin by Lamplight at the Town Hall Theatre as part of Galway International Arts Festival from 25-30 July.

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★★★★★ "A visual spectacle" The Arts Review

★★★★★ "A glorious helter-skelter of mime, slapstick, farce and tragedy" The Sunday Times

★★★★★ "Supremely entertaining" The Sunday Business Post

★★★★★ "Energetic revival… tremendous fun… brilliant performances from all" The Irish Independent



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